Why Precision Reporters?

Supreme Customer Service

Precision has been successfully capturing the record across the state of New York since 1983, always providing a tremendous service to our clients. We are a professional organization firmly committed to providing accurate transcripts to our clients in their desired turn-around times. For over 35 years, we have always prioritized the needs of our clients over everything. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is our number one goal every day and it is the sole reason we have been successful for such a long time. We understand the legal and logistical complexities of multi-party matters and always act as a trusted partner to our clients in order to ensure these matters run smoothly.

Court Reporting Expertise in a Wide Range of Legal Matters

Through years of court reporting experience, Precision has developed an expertise in an extremely wide range of legal matters. We cover depositions and hearings on a wide variety of topics, including medical malpractice, asbestos litigation, expert testimony, complex commercial matters, personal injury disputes, construction cases, labor disputes, intellectual property disputes, matrimonial disputes, discrimination cases, bankruptcy matters, workers’ compensation cases and many more. Our stenographers are highly trained in reporting on medical testimony, one of many characteristics that separates Precision from the competition.

Devoted Guardians of the Record

At Precision, we are incredibly proud of producing an extremely accurate record of every matter we work on, no matter how simple or complex. Over the last 35 years we have truly developed a deep appreciation for the importance and impact an accurate transcript can have in the lives of many. Our passion for capturing the record is unparalleled and sets us apart from other court reporting and litigation support companies.