Remote Depositions

Remote Deposition Platform

Precision Reporters and Action Reporting’s* virtual deposition platform allows you to take depositions completely remotely. Our technology allows attorneys, clients and court reporters to participate in proceedings from their own home, as if they are all in the room together. Everybody can connect using any device, whether a computer, tablet or smart phone. The device must simply have a camera and microphone.

There is no need to worry about displaying exhibits! Precision and Action Litigation Support offers Trial Technology Experts (“TTE”) who will attend each virtual deposition. The presence of the TTE ensures that attorneys can focus on practicing law and court reporters can focus on capturing the record. These TTEs will work with all parties to ensure that attendees have a strong audio and video connection and maintain such connection throughout the entire proceeding. Our TTEs are trained that it is best practice to test the connection with each individual attendee before the hearing takes place. In addition to ensuring a smooth connection, our TTEs will also do the following:

  • Collect the exhibits to be presented at the deposition beforehand, organize those exhibits in our trial presentation software and display them during the deposition as directed by the questioning attorney(s);
  • Manage the waiting room, to ensure that second and third witnesses do not enter the virtual conference room until previous witnesses are done. Only permitted parties should be able to enter the virtual conference room; and
  • Assign parties to private break out rooms if an attorney requests the need to confer in private with their client.

The presence of a TTE is an optional service that sets us apart from our competition. Attorneys should leave the technology to us, so they can focus on practicing law. However, if your case is not complex (i.e., there are not many parties and not many exhibits being displayed) you can feel free to forego this service, and simply use our web conferencing platform free of charge. Only court reporting rates would apply. Please click here to schedule your remote deposition today.

*Please note that Precision Reporters and Action Reporting are affiliate companies under ownership of Montague Street Private Partners.
**Ask about our searchable video features during videoconference deposition

"Today, one of my attorneys had to...
interview a Tulane law student at 8,
take a deposition in Seattle at 11,
attend an arbitration in D.C. at 3,  
and get to the football game with his son by 7."

"With remote Counsel, it was easy!"