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When you can’t be there in person, let us make you feel like you’re sitting in the room with the witness using our HD crystal clear videoconferencing suites. Our high-definition connection will allow you the same quality as being there in person, but saving you the cost of travel. Call us today to set up a videoconference.

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Certified Deposition Videography

  • Precision Reporters offers video deposition services throughout Central New York. Take advantage of modern technology by conducting a video deposition, which can help attorneys, clients and even a jury by recording a witness’ demeanor. We happily provide digital versions of video depositions in a MPEG-1 file, MP4 file or conventional DVD format. We store all video depositions and will be happy to provide extra copies on an as needed basis.

  • Our video depositions are conducted by video service experts with the professional and technical knowledge and experience required for a deposition setting. Precision provides a team of certified videographers to ensure that your video depositions are conducted smoothly, and that the videos produced conform to state and federal rules. Precision’s video deposition experts are highly skilled in creating a professional video product including subtle backdrops that ensure quality picture and a clear audio feed. We only use cutting-edge equipment to provide the highest quality video available in the market.

Video and Transcript Synchronization

  • At Precision, our video service experts are capable of marrying the video and transcript so that the video testimony can be searched and played by page, line or phrase, as the text appears in the official transcript. This service conveniently allows our clients to read the transcript alongside the video. This synchronization is most often delivered in a format that is exportable into various multimedia trial presentation software packages.

Picture-in-Picture Depositions

We take video depositions to the next level by offering Picture-In-Picture depositions and Multi-Camera video depositions.

  • Picture-in-Picture depositions means that the video shows the witness providing testimony simultaneous to any exhibits that may be referenced throughout such proceedings. The exhibits are shown in the large portion of the screen, with the witness view being inset in a smaller square superimposed in a corner of the exhibit.

  • Multi-camera video depositions allow for views of the deponent, the questioning attorney, or other individuals attending the proceedings. These views may be either seen as individual views or shown in a split-screen configuration.

Documenting Expert Testing and Inspections

  • Oftentimes a disinterested third party is needed to document tests and inspections conducted by experts retained by opposing parties. Precision’s experienced videographers have recorded hundreds of hours for site inspections, device testing, and other analyses.

Day-in the-Life and Settlement Videos

  • A Day-in-the-Life video is an excellent way to demonstrate physical injuries and limitations. This type of video is most often used at trial or for settlement negotiations. Precision’s videographers have produced numerous Day-in-the-Life videos to assist in conveying a plaintiff’s activities of daily living and care required after a catastrophic injury.

Courtroom Playback and Equipment

  • An attorney should not have to worry during trial that their witness testimony video will not play back properly. Using Precision’s courtroom playback services, we can assist attorneys to ensure their presentation goes smoothly. Precision’s legal videography experts will provide and set up all playback technology, test presentation equipment in advance and troubleshoot any potential video and audio problems so attorneys can focus on their job.


"Today, one of my attorneys had to...
interview a Tulane law student at 8,
take a deposition in Seattle at 11,
attend an arbitration in D.C. at 3,  
and get to the football game with his son by 7."

"With remote Counsel, it was easy!"

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